• How to get help for Registration Problems for Grad Students
    • The class or section I want is full
      • If you find that the course you want to take (or a section of it) is full, please place yourself on the wait list. We will process the wait lists a few weeks after Advance Registration. This will give all students a chance to place themselves on the wait lists of their desired courses. We will then consider them in priority order based on their status and on their need for the course, e.g. is the course needed for a specific degree requirement, or is the student close to graduation.
    • Can you tell me what is my position on the waitlist for a course?
      • We are sorry but we cannot tell you your wait list position. Wait lists are constantly shuffled based on the priority of a student. For this reason, your position may change over time. The position you had when you initially got on the wait list is meaningless because that is not the order in which we process the wait lists. We also cannot predict your chances of getting into a course. That depends not only on your wait list position but also on how many seats become available in the course. We have no way of predicting whether or not any students will drop out from it. Our sincere advice to you is to have a Plan B in case you are not able to get into the course.
    • Additional Registrar Help Page for Course Registration
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