Shawn W. Polson

Associate Director, Research and Infrastructure
Director, CBCB Bioinformatics Core Facility
Director, Biomedical and Data Science Core (Delaware INBRE)
Associate Professor (CISC, PLSC, BISC)

polson@udel.edu | 302-831-3235 | 315 BPI

Expertise: Genomics, Transcriptomics, Metagenomics, Phylogenetics, Genomic Technologies, High Performance Computing, Bioinformatics Programming


Jaysheel Bhavsar

Bioinformatics Programmer
Adjunct Instructor

jaysheel@udel.edu | 302-831-6505 | DBI 205

Expertise: Bioinformatics Programming, Web Design, High Performance Computing, Transcriptomics, Metagenomics

Chuming Chen

Associate Professor

Computer & Information Sciences

chenc@udel.edu | 302-831-3426 | 147 DBI

Expertise: Data Management and Data Integration, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Deep Learning, Bioinformatics, Semantic Web and Ontology Engineering

Amelia Harrison

Academic Advisor I

aoh@udel.edu | 302-831- | BPI 359

Expertise: Microbial/Viral Community Analysis, Ecology, Phylogenetics, Metagenomics

Hongzhan Huang

Associate Professor

Computer & Information Sciences

hhuang@udel.edu | 302-831-3445 | 147 BPI

Expertise: Proteomics, Pathway/Enrichment Analysis, Biostatistics

Madolyn MacDonald

Associate Bioinformatics Scientist

mmacd@udel.edu | 302-831- | BPI 147

Expertise: Genome Annotation, Bioinformatics Programming, Biopharmaceutical, Adventitious Virus Detection

Core Consultants, Partners, and Affiliates

Bruce Kingham

Director, DBI Sequencing and Genotyping Center

brucek@udel.edu | 302-831-0823 | DBI 246

Expertise: Genomic Technologies, Molecular Biology

Karol Miaskiewicz

Manager, DBI Computing Operations

miaskiew@udel.edu | 302-831- | DBI 230

Expertise: High Performance Computing, Systems Administration, Computational Chemistry

Cathy Wu

Unidel Edward G. Jefferson Chair in Engineering and Computer Science
Director, Center for Bioinformatics & Computational Biology (CBCB)
Director, Data Science Institute (DSI)
Director, Protein Information Resource (PIR)
Professor, Computer & Information Sciences
Professor, Biological Sciences

wuc@udel.edu | 302-831-8869 | 147 BPI

Expertise: Biological Text Mining, Biological Ontology, Computational Systems Biology, Protein Structure-Function-Network Analysis, Bioinformatics Cyberinfrastructure