Education and training are key components of our mission to support informatically-enabled life science research. The Core promotes activities ranging from one-on-one project consultations to multi-day workshops.

bioinformatincs workshop panel discussion

Resource Documentation

  • Biomix. The Biomix Compute Cluster hosted at DBI provides access to High Performance Computer hardware for the Delaware life science community. The Core provides consultation and support to users of this resource. Email to inquire about access.
  • Biostore.  The Biostore resource provides access to terabyte-scale storage shares to support biomedical research data storage needs, including (but are not limited to) core facilities, including the DBI Bio-Imaging Center, Sequencing and Genotyping Center, Center for Biomedical and Brain Imaging, and the Bioinformatics Core.  To apply for access.

Contact the Bioinformatics Core ( for more information.