Open Source

Common open source bioinformatics software are installed on the center’s computation servers including the Biomix Cluster. Additional software can be installed upon user request.


A number of commercial packages have been purchased to provide advanced capabilities.

  • MatLab Parallel Computation Toolbox extends the capability of the campus MatLab license to allow parallelization of certain computational tasks. CBCB has purchased several licenses which are installed on BioHen and other Center servers. MatLab is also available for download through UDeploy.
  • CLC Genomics Workbench and CLC Genomics Server packages provide tools for next generation sequence analysis. The Center has purchased licenses for these packages which can be used by the Core facility to analyze your next generation sequence data.
  • CLC Main Workbench provides a graphical interface for traditional-scale sequence analysis tasks. The software also allows users to visualize next generation sequencing data analyzed by the Core. We have a limited number of licenses available for researcher use.

* Commercial software offerings are made possible by support from Delaware INBRE and EPSCoR. Please acknowledge this contribution in any publications resulting from their use.

Contact the Bioinformatics Core ( for more information.