Acknowledging the Bioinformatics Data Science Core and BioMix

The personnel and computational infrastructure of CBCB’s Bioinformatics Data Science Core and Delaware Biotechnology Institute are supported by a number of grants and other sources which significantly defray costs to our clients. To maintain these sources of support, it is critical that any publications or other products supported by our Core Personnel or using BIOMIX and other bioinformatics infrastructure of the core, include a statement of acknowledgement similar to the following:

“Support from the University of Delaware CBCB Bioinformatics Data Science Core Facility (RRID:SCR_017696) including use of the BIOMIX and BioStore computational resources was made possible through funding from Delaware INBRE (NIGMS P20GM103446), NIH Shared Instrumentation Grant (S10OD028725) the State of Delaware, and the Delaware Biotechnology Institute.”

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Please remember the contributions of our Core Scientists. They are experts in their fields and typically contribute significantly to the success of projects they support. Please keep their contributions in mind for personal acknowledgment or co-authorship. Co-authorship is particularly appreciated for contributions such as the development of custom analysis pipelines, assistance in data interpretation, and other intellectual contributions.