Supervised, on-the-job experience on specialized topics in bioinformatics data science or industry research and analysis related to bioinformatics data science. Students will be supervised jointly by a representative of the host company and a University of Delaware faculty member. Topics range from bioinformatics and data science methods, tool and database development to application of biomedical informatic approaches to biotechnology and medicine. Industry research and analysis include topics on product development, project or operations management, and ethical, legal and regulatory affairs. The practical learning experience will require two written reports 1) a plan of work outlining the background of the project and the learning objectives for the internship and 2) a scholarly report outlining the objectives of internship, what was accomplished on each objective, recommendations for future work, and literature citation.

The scientific curriculum, together with emphasis on professional skills and the immersive Internship will well prepare our Bioinformatics graduates to pursue a career in industry, business, government agencies, or non-profit organizations.

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“The joint academic and industrial research internship at Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN) gave me an excellent opportunity to develop my research skills in the domain of population health care research and analytics by providing me with a first hand view into tools and techniques used by industrial experts to study and understand healthcare data and address some of the toughest problems in their field.” 
Sachin Gavali

Intern at DHIN

“For me, being able to work with DHIN was one of the best learning experiences I could have asked for. Not only was it an opportunity to work with a large amount of real data, but more importantly it also gave me experience working collaboratively with professionals in the field. Discussions with them pushed me to think in ways I never did while working on group projects in academic settings that I believe have really helped to prepare me for my future career.”
Carter English

Intern at DHIN