Often a project needs a higher level of support than simply providing a bioinformatic service. Members of the Core commonly participate as collaborators on research projects providing advance support, training, or development. Often these collaborations lead to new Core services wich can be offered for future projects.

The Core also acts to help make connections between our clients and potential collaborators among our faculty, partner institutions, and affiliated programs.

Contact the Bioinformatics Core (help@bioinformatics.udel.edu) for more information.

Featured Collaborative Project

NECC Cyber-Enabled Research Project: Little Skate Genome Sequencing

black and white illustration of Skate​Collaborative project to sequence the little skate, Leucoraja erinacea, genome. Project supports workforce development for next generation sequencing analysis and functional interpretation. This includes hosting bioinformatics workshops, where participants learn how to use common bioinformatics applications and gain experience completing hands-on exercises.

Skate Genome Project and SkateBase

North East Cyberinfrastructure Consortium, Delaware portion funded by NIH/NIGMS P20GM103446 and NSF/EPSCoR EPS-0918078.