High Performance Computing

Biomix HPC Cluster*

The Biomix cluster at DBI provides the Delaware life science community access to High Performance Computer (HPC) hardware. Biomix includes over 900 processor cores, with 600 cores freely accessible to members of the Delaware life science community. As a biology-centric HPC cluster, common biological analysis software is pre-configured on Biomix. A quick start guide for users is available.

Internal Resources

The Core maintains a number of HPC servers to support Core services and research activities. Among these systems are several servers providing 512GB-2TB of system RAM. These servers support next generation sequence analysis activities of the Core, providing the capability to perform computationally intensive tasks such as Eukaryotic genome assembly.

Considering a hardware purchase?

A number of the Biomix compute nodes were purchased by users to support their research. We can help you select, purchase, and maintain your machine.


*Biomix and other computational resources offered by the Core are made available free-of-charge through the support of Delaware INBRE and EPSCoR. Please acknowledge this contribution in any publications resulting from their use.

Contact bioinformatics@udel.edu for more information.