The University of Delaware Bioinformatics Student Association (BiSA) aims at bringing together students interested in the field of Bioinformatics in an effort to facilitate the exchange of new ideas and knowledge. BiSA has recently hosted events such as Seminar Speaker Meet & Greets, weekly Coffee Breaks, Happy Hours, Ice Cream Socials, Picnics, and Ice Skating. Similar events can be expected for the 2018-2019 school year, with the addition of two new workshops and an alumni panel.  In addition to hosting several social and academic events throughout the school year, BiSA provides students with mentorship, tutoring and preliminary exam study sessions.

Several resources have been recently developed to provide BiSA students with the latest information. The BiSA Google Group is available to all members and provides information regarding current job or internship opportunities, program announcements, and social and academic events and workshops. The BiSA calendar is continuously updated to include information about various seminar series occurring across campus, important program dates, events and so on. The google group, calendar, campus resources and all related news can be accessed on our redesigned website.

BiSA is kicking off the upcoming school year with two events:

  • BiSA Happy Hour (Grain Craft Bar + Kitchen, 8/27/18)
  • BiSA Pool Party (UD Outdoor Pool, 9/1/18)

BiSA Officers 2018-2019:

President – Kelly Mulholland
VP – Juniper Lake
Treasurer – Priscilla Hempel
Secretary – Wenbo Zhao