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The Master’s program in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology with SIX degree options in THREE major categories supports students from different educational backgrounds and with different career aspirations, while leveraging the common course curriculum. The students, full-time or part time, come from various biological, life sciences background, from computational, quantitative sciences and engineering background, or even from “unconventional” fields such as business, management, law and medicine. We accommodate students that are interested in applying bioinformatics as an integral approach to life science research and development, or interested in developing new computational methods and bioinformatics tools and databases.

The graduates of this Master’s program will have different career paths. Some will decide to pursue a PhD in the participating departments. Other students, especially those enrolled in the Professional Science Master (PSM) program and/or those have already been employed in industry or government may consider the program as a terminal degree. Regardless of the chosen path, all graduates of this program will leave well prepared to pursue careers for research, education, or development in academia, business, industry, government agencies, or non-profit organizations.

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