Admission to the Bioinformatics program does not automatically entitle an applicant for graduate funding. Students may seek funding opportunities such as fellowships or scholarships from sources within the University and from private and federal agencies. Interested students should check the Office of Graduate Studies for the most current opportunities.

University funding and fellowships are are awarded on a competitive basis from the pool of admitted applicants. The University of Delaware’s policies apply to all forms of financial aid. Please refer to the University Policies for Graduate Funding.

Students in the MS, PSM, and PhD degree programs may apply for Graduate Assistantships:

Research Assistantships (RAs) are generally funded by research grants and contracts. Students may be supported as an RA through their Faculty Advisor’s research funds after their first year. A research assistantship provides full tuition and a stipend. The RA’s advisor is responsible for defining the student’s responsibilities and for evaluating the student’s performance. The amount of service or research may vary from week to week but the average is usually expected to be 20 hours per week.

Industry Internships – students in the BINF-PSM program may apply for Industry Internships. Paid internships may be available from industry, government agencies or other participating institutions in the Master’s program in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology.

Tuition Scholarships and Competitive Awards – are available to qualified applicants on a competitive basis. Explore tuition and competitive award opportunities.