Master’s Program in
Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

Professional Science Master’s in Bioinformatics


The scientific curriculum, together with “Plus” component for professional skills and the immersive Internship prepare the PSM graduates to pursue a professional career. The Computational Sciences Concentration (CS1) allows students to gain knowledge and industry experience in developing bioinformatics methods, tools and/or databases for modern biotechnology or medicine. The Life Sciences Concentration (LSC1) allows students to gain knowledge and industry experience in applying bioinformatics methods, tools and databases as an integral approach to modern biotechnology and medicine. The BINF-PSM graduates will be well positioned to pursue a professional career in industry, business, government agencies, or non-profit organizations..

Requirements (Browse Courses)

The Professional Science Master’s in Bioinformatics requires 24 credits of graduate-level coursework, 6 credits of Internship and 12 credits of PSM PLUS coursework, totaling 42 credits. The 24 credits of coursework must include 15 credits in the Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Core courses and 3 credits in the Ethics Core courses. In addition to the required courses, students must include at least 6 credits of Elective courses.

An Internship (see options) is required for the PSM degree. The internship will be in most cases completed at participating companies/institutions in the PSM program and be jointly supervised by the Faculty Advisor and a Co-Mentor in the hosting institution. Unless special permission is granted, students need to complete 12 credit hours prior to the start of their internship. The participating mentors, along with the participating student, will develop the specific objectives to be met during the internship, and have the internship approved by the Director of the Master’s PSM program prior to the start of the internship. A final written report and a poster presentation are required to complete the course.

The PSM degree requires at least 12 credits of PSM PLUS coursework in addition to their science core. Whereas students in the PSM program may have professional goals that would lead them into business and industry or to government or non-profit employment, the University of Delaware offers two tracks for the PSM PLUS component. The University recommends the student follow one of the PSM PLUS tracks below, however students may cross over tracks to fit their interest.

  • BI - Business/Industry Track

  • GN - Government/Non-Profit Track

Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Core Courses 15 credits
see details
Ethics Core Courses 3 credits
see details
Elective Courses 6 credits
see details
PSM PLUS Courses 12 credits
Survey of Business
BUAD500 Survey of Business 3* 3
Leadership and Organization (select one)
BUAD870 Understanding People in Organizations 3* 3
UAPP835 Organization and Management in Public and Nonprofit Sectors 3 3*
UAPP604 Leadership in Organizations 3 3*
Project Management, Operations or Entrepreneurship (select one)
BUAD831 Operations Management and Management Science 3* 3
BUAD835 Managing New Product Development Projects 3* 3
BUAD871 Managing for Creativity and Innovation 3* 3
ENTR860 High Technology Entrepreneurship 3* 3
MISY840 Project Management and Costing 3* 3
Intellectual Property
CHEG595 Intellectual Property for Engineers and Scientists 3* 3
Survey of Public Administration
UAPP803 Seminar in Public Administration 3 3*
Managerial Decision Making or Financial Management (select one)
UAPP819 Management Decision Making in Public & Nonprofit Sectors 3 3*
UAPP833 Financial Management in Public & Nonprofit Sectors 3 3*
UAPP827 Program and Project Analysis 3 3*
UAPP829 Taxation and Fiscal Policies 3 3*
Legal and Regulatory Affairs
UAPP646 Administrative Law and Policy 3 3*
* - recommended
Internship 6 credits
BINF864 Internship (see options) 1-6 1-6


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